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this is my art and photo and etc gallary,be free to take a look...^^

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these are my favorites! and there all beautifull!^^...





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hey i am lisa.
i am a beginner in art and drawing.
i love to draw,its kind of a hobby to me.
sign means a lot to me,its fun and it gives me a good feeling of life :).
also i write stories and poems. i love take pictures of eveything.
i also like to party and do crazy stuff XD.
i love my animals remy and harry the rat and coco and coca the cockatiel,there so adorable ^^.
i'm fan of the 80' these cartoons,anime and disney.i'm a hudge fan of mlp (my little pony),
i collect all things of it. my collection has more than 400 pony's...thats a good start i guess ^^.
i'm also fan of jem and the holograms :D i yust love there songs!
i also love furby! hese very cute! ^^.
i <3 minions ^^.
famous men i like are:
<3 channing tatum
<3 ryan ross
<3 brandon urie
<3 john walker
<3 spencer smith
<3 patrick stump
<3 alec baldwin
<3 Malcolm McDowell
<3 alex agnew
<3 harrison ford
<3 sean connery
<3 shia labouf
if you don't like those men then screw you XD.i love them *^u^*...
if you have questions ore there is something else,yust let me know ;)
i am glad to awnser them :) hope to see you soon :)
(btw fun facts about me: )
*i don't like coloring my art (i know its a shame!)
*and i am lazy finnishing my arts XD ! ( also shame to me!!)
*my twin sis is also on deviant art,watch her profile at: ;) also my other sister:
* and i am remylover002 on youtube :p and my old channel: kluzietje .
btw! i made a group for all you bird and cockatiel lovers! #cocothecockatiel check it out if you want!
be free to join our and them to my group!you can find the group on my profile page.
thanks for visiting me!

btw: if you're wanna see my mlp collection go to my mlp webpage!: lisasmylittleponycollection.we…
but for some reason i can't find the save page for my website ^^" so i made a new one:


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12 / 10
if you like my animals:coco,coca,harry and beau and filou please donate :).

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lol saw this around on the web, it's a little disney quiz.
so why not awnser it XD. i love disney alot :) i have grow up with it.
mostly with the classic's ofcourse ^^.
so here are my disney awnsers to the quiz, you can take the quiz to if you want :p.

1. YOUR FAVORITE DINSEY MOVIE: the incredibles! gee i love that movie so much! when i saw the trailer i tought, ooh i like to see that movie!
and me and my sis went for like 4 times to the theatre to see the movie! XD we loved it so much! we had like all sort of toy's, well we still have them ^^, because it's such 
a classic to us and a feel good disney movie :) it has everything in it; humor, sadness, action and superheroes! i think the film doesn't need a remake our sequal in my opinion.
i know much fans are waiting on it, but i perfer not :p. what if the sequal isn't as good as the first one? Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Confused Anna  Frozen icon 

2. YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY SONG: hmmm there are a lot disney songs that i like, so hard to choice one of it! i think i will choice for  "the first time in forever" that song really touches me...
3. YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER: that would be stitch i guess :) Stitch is Sorry plz hese very awsome :).
4. YOUR FAVORITE PRINCESS: ariel, i loved the little mermaid alot when i was a child. i wanted to be a mermaid to! XD. DA Icon - Ariel 

5. YOUR FAVORITE PRINCE: hmmmm prince naveen or prince hans?Prince Hans 2 

6. YOUR FAVORITE HEROINE: i think that will be mrs. incredible :).

7. YOUR FAVORITE HERO: mr.incredible ofcourse! 

8. YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL: lol chicken little :p.

9. YOUR FAVORITE SIDEKICK: gargoyles from quasimodo :).

10. YOUR FAVORITE SERIOUS QUOTE: OHANA means family. family means nobody gets left behind of forgotten.

11. YOUR FAVORITE FUNNY QUOTE: "just keep swimming " from dory :p.

12. YOUR FAVORITE KISS: wall-e and eve, it's funny how her kiss gives wall-e a spark :).Clarence Gifs 

13. YOUR FAVORITE VOICE TALKING: frollo from the hunchback of notredame Frollo grin.

14. YOUR FAVORITE VOICE SINGING: hmmm i don't know what to awnser that question...NEXT!GIF Steven Universe - Gasp! 

15. YOUR FAVORITE LOCATION: oooh the city were the incredibles life! i think it's called metroville?Ratigan Smoke 

16. YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY OPENING: the princess and the frog.keep calm 

17. YOUR FAVORITE COUPLE: lol daisy and donald duck. Scrooge nodding 

18. YOUR FAVORITE VILLAIN: syndrome for the incredibles! Ratigan Glare 

19. YOUR FAVORITE SCENE: the scene from the incredibles when syndrome and mirage are alone. syndrome tries to kiss her but she doesn't want to kiss because syndrome made mr. incredible angry and he almost killed mirage for it. Steven Universe Pearl (Back Away) 

20. YOUR FAVORITE SOUNDTRACK: the incredibles, i like that album alot. i almost like every song on it. my favorite one is "adventure calling". GIF Steven Universe - Shining Eyes 

21. YOUR FAVORITE SEQUAL: a sequal?Steven Universe Pearl (Steven!)  hmmm... i think i going to choice for a pixar sequal and thats toy story 3. most sequals are of behind previous disney movies.

22. YOUR FAVORITE PIXAR FILM: oh LOL! the incredibles ofcourse! Mr Incredible 

23. YOUR FAVORITE LOVE SONG: some day my prince will come from snow white. hug todd 

24. YOUR FAVORITE VILLAIN SONG: hell fire from frollo :p Frollo angry .

26. WHAT IS THE SADDEST DISNEY MOMENT? oh there are alot! Waaaah! the scene for the lion king when mufasa is died and simba cries and he wont wake up. heartbreak moment!!! Crying Mako Pikachu Crying Plz Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon SpongeBob (Cries) Jake crying plz Pikachu crying plz Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] about to cry emote Pikachu crying Pyong Cry cries Cry Crying Charmandar Neko Emoji-31 (Crying) [V2] crying Caterpie Plz Kurami Crying Icon Crying/sad Love Heart Hikari (Cries) Crying Emoticon Erika Crying Icon Jazz cry You made it cry!! dat crying doe Crying Crying Emoticon 

27. WHAT CHARACTER ARE YOU MOST LIKE? i guess violet from the incredibles. i was shy to at the first time and had my problems, but then i knew how to handle with them.

28. DO YOU PREFER PIXAR OR TRADITION ART? i prefer hand drawings, i'm so sorry but i grew up with 2-D. when 3-D came out it was like WOW! cool! but now there are plenty of 3-D movies! sigh it's not so funny anymore, it's always great how they do it, like oh my almost real life but, neeh i love to see a 2-D animation movie that i draw so good it blews me away :).

29. WHAT MOMENT DO YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF? good moments ofcourse, well maybe stitch, he has a big ohana and i like to meet his ohana ^^.

30. HOW HAS DISNEY MADE A IMPACT ON YOU LIFE? it made my childhood. i grew up with it, we always wanted to see disney movies! and we watched many disney toons like darkwing duck, ducktales, disney toons, silly simphony, chip n' dale, lol gooftroop,... so many disney movies we have seen, all the repeats of it! XD.
lol i can watch the incredibles for days! but i have to sit comfy when i watch it, and when i watch the hunchback of notredame, i need a bag of peanut M&M's lol and a cookbook XD don't ask why but when the awsome part was over we looked into cookbooks lol!!! aah so many memories back then ^^.

31. YOUR FAVORITE ENDING: a happy ending ofcourse. the ending of chicken little maybe? XD.

what a nice quiz, sometimes hard to awsner XD.
but this is my top 10 disney movies i love to watch:

10. the nightmare before christmas ( is this a disney? XD).
9. the hunchback of the notredame.
8. chicken little.
7. meet the robinsons. 
6. stitch movies. 
5. oliver and company.
4. beauty and the beast.
3. a goofy movie.
2. the lion king.
1. the incredibles ofcourse!!!

PS new photo's of our little pets will coming soon!
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  • Listening to: all kinds of music
  • Reading: nothing special
  • Watching: steven universe!
  • Playing: farm hero saga!
  • Eating: oh a lot food...
  • Drinking: thee

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